Welcome to Early Educare group


Programs are largely unstructured and based on self-selection of materials and experiences in order to meet the needs of the individual child as well as the needs of the group. We endeavour to provide as wide a selection of developmentally appropriate materials.

Special Events

Any special days for your child such as birthdays and any other significant days are acknowledged at the Centre. Cultural days that have special meaning to your family also will be incorporated into the program.


The Centre provides morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late afternoon tea. Food at the Centre is selected on the basis of providing children with a balanced diet, which is low-fat and free of salt and preservatives.

Welcome to Wentworthville & Castle Hill Early Learning Centres

The years before school have a special kind of magic and innate love of learning. We love to be part of this special time in childhood and support the creativity and unique personality of every child at our Long Day Care Centre.

Please contact the local centre to know more about us


Our centre is made up of many rooms. Each room is run independently and has their own teachers and assistants. Individual developmental records are kept on children ensuring that each child is assisted and encouraged in developing to the very best of their potential. School readiness programs are focused on in all rooms and in particular the final year prior to starting big school. Our aim is to prepare children for their life ahead in big school and the big wide world making friendships, memories and skills that will stay with them forever. For more detailed information please refer to our "Parent Handbook".

Childcare Offers


  • Lots of affection and enjoyable adult company
  • Opportunities to play with their friends and the toys they like
  • Time to follow their interests, to explore and learn and to discover new toys, equipment, games and friends
  • Time and places to be quiet, to relax and rest or be alone
  • Freedom to express their feelings
  • Clear and reasonable expectations of behaviour that is respectful of others
  • Predictable timing of important events like snacks, lunch, sleep and going home
  • A variety of different spaces are good for children
    • room for active, noisy play
    • places to sit quietly and get away from others for awhile
    • somewhere cosy to listen to stories and music
  • A locker for each child to keep clothes and belongings
  • Lots of natural light and fresh air
  • A pleasant outlook to other rooms or the playground
  • Attractive displays of children's paintings, creative work and photos
  • A playground with many different types of equipment and places for children to explore alone and with friends
  • Appropriate levels of staffing to ensure regulatory staff: children ratios are met
  • Confident, positive staff who enjoy and are proud of their work
  • Staff who are warm and positive towards children and fellow staff
  • Staff who relate to children at their eye level
  • Staff who care for all children equally, welcoming their different family and cultural backgrounds
  • Staff who give praise, recognition and encouragement to all children and to each other
  • Staff who are happy for you to pop into the Centre at any time and without an appointment